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Daytime Running Lights for cars

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Опубліковано: 08/05/2002 23:22

3rd May 2002

Daytime Running Lights for cars
Car Manufacturers decide not to commit themselves

The European Car Manufacturers (ACEA) have withdrawn their proposal to fit hardwired lights on all cars produced for the European market. This is seen as a very successful result of FEMA campaign, which was undertaken jointly with other vulnerable road users.

The Daytime Running Lights (DRL) provision became part of the ACEA Commitment with the European Commission to make car fronts safer for pedestrians. This was opposed by the FEMA-led coalition with the federations of cyclists, pedestrians and accident victims.

Our concerns regarded the benefits of cars using their lights during the day. European countries already have their national requirements on the use of lights, there is no need for harmonisation. The impact on road safety appears to be dependent on the geographical location, with weather and light conditions varying noticeably from Northern to Southern Europe. There is no clear evidence that DRL improve road safety. And where research have been carried out, they show negative effects on the safety of vulnerable road users.

These arguments have been heard and accepted, by the automotive industry, and -partly- by the European Parliament's Transport Committee. They included an amendment to make it possible for the driver to switch his lights off in countries where national legislation does not allow DRL for cars. EU Governments have strongly opposed this provision and requested the European Commission to further investigate its safety and environmental effects.

FEMA is very satisfied with these developments. Antonio Perlot, FEMA General Secretary elect, says: "It is proof that uniting and working with the other vulnerable road users, cyclists and pedestrians, can enhance our effectiveness when we share common goals"


Issued by Christina Gesios

For more information, please contact FEMA office


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